MFL Summer 1

Year 3

In Year 3, the children have been learning the names for a range of fruit and vegetables. Using games, word searches and puzzles they practised the vocabulary and tried to come up with mnemonic devices such as ‘Las fresas’ – ‘Get the strawberries from the freezer.’ The children then revised ‘Me gusta/gustan, No me gusta/gustan’ to express their preferences.

Year 4

In Spanish, we have been using the website Language Nut to support us with the topic of ‘family’. We began by learning the vocabulary for different family members. We learnt how to say which family members live with us, what our family members are called and how old they are. We developed our skills as language detectives and tried to translate words and phrases containing the new vocabulary we had learnt. We have worked hard to be able to write whole sentences in Spanish about our family!

Year 5

We started this half-term by recapping the vocabulary for different types of weather and months of the year.

We challenged ourselves as a class to complete these loop cards to practise our Spanish speaking.

We learnt new vocabulary relating to the four seasons. We then moved on to telling the time and the children practised telling times o’clock and half-past. We then progressed on to telling the time using quarter past and quarter to. We put our new knowledge to the test by working in groups to complete this puzzle. It was a challenge!

Year 6

The children have consolidated their knowledge of one of our autumn term units – ‘en mi pueblo’ (in my town). They produced a knowledge organiser to display the key phrases and vocabulary learnt. The children enjoyed decorating their knowledge organisers once they had recorded the key information.