Modern Foreign Languages Autumn 2

Year 3

In Year 3, children have been learning how to count to 20 in Spanish, to ask how old someone is and to answer with their age. They have continued to practise holding simple conversations using the vocabulary they have learned. As part of our MFL programme, Year 3 discussed how diverse the world’s population is in terms of culture, language and identity.  We talked about how much diversity there was within the year group and created a huge jigsaw to celebrate different beliefs and practices. Our jigsaw pieces fitted together beautifully and formed a perfect jigsaw puzzle.  We wanted to show how celebration of diversity allows people to develop an understanding of each other, widens our knowledge of different cultures and beliefs and helps us to have a better choice of food, music entertainment and clothing. The children looked at some Spanish Christmas traditions and compared this with their own celebrations. Feliz Navidad! 

Year 4

The children have built on their Spanish knowledge from year 3 by applying their knowledge of numbers and months to be able to converse about their birthdays. They created a pretend invitation to their birthdays and made Christmas cards to their friends in school. 

Year 5

We started the half-term learning the vocabulary associated with weather. This included learning types of weather and saying the temperature, which allowed us to recap numbers too.

Each class discussed the meaning of diversity and discovered why it is important that there is diversity in each classroom. Each member of the class designed a jigsaw piece that represented themselves, once complete all the jigsaw pieces were placed together demonstrating that although we are all individual we all belong within the class and school community.

We finished the autumn term learning about the gender of nouns associated with clothing worn during sports. This also linked with developing our understanding of whether nouns are singular or plural.

Year 6

This term in Spanish, year 6 have been learning to describe our town using Spanish vocabulary. We are also able to use adjectives to describe the places in our locality. We also learnt how to use infinite verbs and can write sentences explaining where we go and what we like to do there in Spanish.

During the second half term, we learnt how to talk about different modes of transport in Spanish and learnt how Christmas is celebrated in other countries.