Music EYFS KS1 Spring 2 2023

Year 1

In year 1  the children have explored wide range of musical styles and have had an introduction to learning about the beat of a song. They have experienced listening, singing, playing as well as performing their ability to find the beat. The children enjoyed learning the songs, ‘Hush Little Baby’ and ‘Upside Down’.

The children also enjoyed a visit from ‘Rocksteady’ where the children got to experience live music and some even got the chance to play instruments like the drums, electic guitar and keyboard to make part of a band!

Reception had lots of fun joining in with the drumming workshop.  The children enjoyed dancing to the music and Miss Gold showed us how to play the drums!

Year 2 This half term the children in Year 2 have been exploring lots of different music styles that link to community. They have listened and appraised different genres of music such as swing and classical. They have learnt different songs and performed these in class. One of their favourites was ‘The Music Man’. They have worked on listening and responding whilst learning these songs and performed these in groups.