Music Key Stage 2 Autumn 2 2022

The term running up to Christmas is always a great time for Music in school and this year has been no different.

Parents of each Year group were treated to performances of Christmas Songs and poems with all children participating. In Year 3 a group who had been practising at lunchtimes also performed ‘O come all ye faithful’ and ‘Jingle Bells’ on ocarinas!

Children joined the online pantomime provided by the Norfolk Music Hub – This year it was ‘Peter Pan’ and children had spent some time learning the songs so they could sing along!

“I loved the booing and the singing.” Olivia

“I liked that I had learned some of the songs.” Daniella

“I liked doing all the actions.” Lexi

“I liked the singing.” Amy

Year 3 have been using there ocarina skills to learn some Christmas songs and Carols in their Music lessons and all made fabulous progress reading notes from music and becoming more proficient players.

Year 4 have been looking at how Music acts a storyteller from the past connecting us with history through songs such as ‘Perdido’ and ‘Scarborough Fair’, and how use of dynamics and change of tempo can affect that story.

Children in Year 5 have had a concentrated unit on recorder instrumental skills. Using traditional Christmas carols, they have increased their knowledge of musical notation and focussed on the musicianship needed to play in an ensemble.

Year 6 pupils have used recorders and glockenspiels to play ‘Singing Swinging Star’ and ‘My Best Friend’ and have responded to these with their own improvisations and compositions.