Music KS2 Spring 2 2023

Children in Year 3 have continued to gain more ukulele skills and are now playing the chords of Am, F and C and moving between these chords to accompany songs. They can strum and pick different rhythms. Baboushka (not the Kate Bush song, unfortunately) and Tab Tango really put their abilities to the test!

In Year 4 this half term, we have been following the Charanga English Model Music Scheme and looking at the unit “Creating Simple Melodies Together”. The children have used recorders and glockenspiels to play songs such as Let Your Spirit Fly and Frère Jacques. They have been working hard on their recorder technique, in particular focusing on how to hold the recorders in the correct position when playing.  

Year 5 Have been the first to try a new feature on Charanga – Yu Studio. This online sequencer allows the children to build electronic beats, basslines and melodies in much the same way as most professional producers do. They have been guided through this process and have made their own Hip Hop tracks!

Year 6 have been focusing on the key question: ‘how does music teach us about our community?’ as a link to the social theme ‘music is a builder of community and guardian of cultural identity’. We have been listening and responding to a variety of songs such as ‘Let’s Rock’, ‘Simple Gifts’ and ‘Friendship Should Never End’. This has helped us to sing along by clapping and moving to the rhythms we have heard. We have developed our performance skills by working together in groups to perform parts of the song.