Music – Spring 2021

This term the children in Reception have enjoyed online Music and Movement sessions with Miss Helen. The children have explored ‘going into space’ and using their imaginations to explore on the moon as part of this adventure. They also experienced Chinese New Year with fan dancing and listening to instruments from China and pretending to be a Chinese dragon eating cabbages. 

The children have also listening to songs and taken part in learning actions to go alongside each week of learning. This has been something the children learning in class and taking part in sessions remotely have enjoyed together, and songs such as ‘Five Little Aliens’ and ‘Old MacDonald’ were very popular.

In Year 1, the children have shared a music assembly each week. This has ensured they continued to experience and share a variety of music from different genres and discuss how different music has had an impact on how they feel. Children across the year group have shared opinions about the music each week and discussed how different people have differing opinions about music. During Children’s Mental Health week the children have discussed how music can make you feel happy or relaxed and children shared some of their favourite songs/music. The children have also experienced online lessons this term where they have learnt about pulse and rhythm.

The children in Year 2 have been learning about South America and exploring the different parts and layers of the rainforest there. As part of this learning they have listened to rainforest linked music and talked about what they heard. Whilst listening they also drew the sounds they heard using whatever pictures or marks that came into their minds.

Children also got to listen to the sounds of different rainmakers and talked about how they could make their own version of these using familiar objects.