Music Spring Term 2 2019

In Nursery the children have been exploring instruments, such as drums, cymbals, rain makers, rhythm sticks and the glockenspiel. They joined in and played their instruments in time to lots of songs and nursery rhymes. The children experimented with using the instrument by playing them slowly, quickly, quietly or loudly. They had a close look at the instruments and discussed how they made their sounds (vibrations) and what material they were made of.

Reception children have been enjoying exploring the musical instruments in the outside area, singing songs they know as well as making up their own.  Some of the children worked as a group to try to make their own tunes and rhythms. Children have also had the opportunity to make instruments from other items found in the learning environment.

Year 1 have really enjoyed listening to different types of music on Charanga this term. They have listened and discussed music from a variety of genres including blues, jazz and big band. They have learnt how to sing the songs ‘In the Groove’ and ‘Round and Round’ and performed these as a class. They also used our new chime bars to play these songs and began to learn about musical notes.

Year 2 have also enjoyed learning to play on our new chime bars! This term their theme has been ‘Zootime’. The children have enjoyed listening and singing to Reggae songs such as ‘I Can See Clearly Now’ and ‘Kingston Town’.