Music Summer 1


This term the children have enjoyed our topic once upon a time, where the children have been learning about traditional tales such as, little red riding hood, three billy goats and the ugly duckling etc.   The children particularly enjoyed the ginger bread man where the story was told through “Zorba the Greek.” As the tempo quicken in the song so did the tension in the story. They have also been watching Cbeebies Musical Storyland episodes such as to ‘The 3 Billy goats gruff’ where musicians from the BBC Philharmonic are joined by the storyteller, playing music and singing songs. Which you can watch here: –

The Children also enjoyed watching Miss Helens; perform the three little pigs, getting the children to join with building the houses and blowing them down as the big bad wolf using the music to help them express themselves!  

Year 1

In Year 1 we have been learning to play the song ‘Get ready’ from our Charanga lessons. The children have used the chime bars and talked in detail about the different notes each bar makes. They identified the notes needed to play the song and the children listened carefully to the rhythm/pulse of the song before we began to play. The Charanga lesson showed us when was the correct time to play each note and the children showed excellent concentration and perseverance. They were very proud to perform the song together as a class.

Year 2

During Summer 1 each Year 2 class had the opportunity to learn how to play the ocarina. The children learnt how to hold the ocarina and how to blow into it correct so it doesn’t squeak! They also learnt the notes D, B and G. They have learnt how to play songs using these notes and performed them confidently. All the children really enjoyed learning to play this instrument and many commented it was their favourite part of their music learning this year!