NSPCC Workshop

Year 5 and 6 classes have all taken part in workshops organised by the NSPCC, to build upon what we learnt in our assembly recently, reminding us to “Speak Out and Stay Safe. These talks by visiting speakers, such as Grahame, are an important part of our PSHE curriculum. Grahame showed us the mascot again, Buddy, who is a speech bubble, reminding us to speak out to a trusted adult if we have any worries.

Through a quiz, group discussions and various scenarios, we were reminded of the different categories of abuse. We also debated if secrets are good or not. A lot of our discussions concluded that we can judge situations by how they make us feel – comfortable or uncomfortable.

Image result for nspcc speech bubble

Grahame was very impressed with the emotional vocabulary that we have been taught in our PATHS lessons and so were able to use confidently in our discussions. Words such as distraught, uncomfortable, isolated, misunderstood and neglected helped us to describe the character in the film clips and we used our inference skills to read the situation. He was confident that we listened well and were in a good position to look after ourselves, and to look out for each other.