PE Autumn 2022

In year 2 the children have been making different shapes during their gymnastics focus. They were able to show that they could make these shapes and hold them on the floor and on the apparatus. We have also looked at jumping and reminded ourselves of jumping techniques, the importance of bending our knees, swinging our arms and landing on the balls of our feet.

During our core real PE sessions the children have been revisiting different ways of travelling including side stepping, galloping and skipping.

The year 1 children have really enjoyed focusing on gymnastics this term in PE. During the first part of their series of lessons the children focused on holding balances. They enjoyed completing floor work and using apparatus to balance. During the second part of the term they focused on jumping from 2 feet to 2 feet. We also discussed landing and using their previous knowledge of balance to help them to land.

Reception have been enjoying learning how to use the equipment during their PE lessons. 

They have been developing their gross motor skills and working in groups to have a go at all of the activities. The circuits contain a bridge to climb over, balance boards, textured beams to balance on, agility tables to jump off and the large apparatus to climb up. 

The children have demonstrated really good listening and showed they can use the equipment safely.