PE Autumn term


In Autumn 1, the children from year 3 to 6 have enjoyed working independently as well as in a group to develop routines. A real highlight has been using the climbing wall in the main hall to extend their learning about balance, counter-balance, shapes and sequences of movements. The children also loved using hand apparatus to create strong shapes as well as fluid movements with their bodies.

The focus in the second half of the Autumn term has been learning about balance and flight, as well as developing social skills to perform as part of a group to the class. We have been developing our jumping skills, then balancing by ourselves as well as with a partner. We progressed to small then large apparatus, including the climbing frame. We learnt to praise each other’s ideas and routines, identifying how well we worked in a group.

Real PE

In year 3, the children developed their two footed jumps as well as hopping across an obstacle course The children had to think carefully about the space around them as well as how to jump differently when jumping for height or distance.

In year 4, the children really enjoyed jumping and competing against each other to see who can travel the furthest and which jump was the most successful for this. They also loved the dice warm up and thinking creatively about their own movements to get their bodies warm.

In year 5, the children most enjoyed adapting the ‘throlf’ game. They had to think carefully about the different handicaps to challenge themselves as well as negotiating as a class to ensure all were happy with their adaptions.

In year 6, the children have been developing their throwing, catching and batting skills in cricket this half term. They have enjoyed being taught across the term by a Norfolk County Cricket coach.