PE Summer Term 2023


During the summer term, Reception have been practising their races on the race track. They have practised running races and obstacle races and learning how to support and encourage their classmates. They have also taken part in team games, using the parachute, yoga sessions and tackling the adventure playground.

Year 1

The year 1 children have been focusing on the Health and Fitness cog in Real PE this term and have been using their agility to develop their ball chasing. They have also enjoyed preparing for race day completing some athletics whilst practicing running and obstacle races, as well as completing some fun PE related activities like using the apparatus in the hall and completing yoga during Sport Enrichment Week.


Year 2

The children in year to have been practising their sending and receiving skills this term. They had to roll a ball then chase after it, getting in front of the ball to stop it effectively. They then worked with partners so their partner rolled the ball and from the same starting position as their partner they had to chase then get in front of the ball. The children practised this with big balls then smaller balls when they were more confident. Finally the children who were receiving the ball had to start from a seated or laying down position.

P:\Photos for Evidence\PE\22-23\Summer 2\IMG_8959.JPG P:\Photos for Evidence\PE\22-23\Summer 2\IMG_8970.JPG P:\Photos for Evidence\PE\22-23\Summer 2\IMG_8962.JPG