RE Autumn Term 2019

Year 1 learnt about the celebration of Harvest and why this is special for people around the world.  They read the story of the Creation as told in The Bible, and learnt that Christians celebrate all the things that God made when he created the world, and are thankful for what they have received.  They also explored some fruit and vegetables to see what they felt like and smelt like, and learned about where our food comes from.   

Year 2 also learnt about Harvest festival, and about the biblical The Creation story.  They found out that this is a story that is special to both Jews and Christians and their Harvest celebrations are about thanking God for the good things he has given.   They retold the story, and made their own version of it.  

Reception had a great Harvest activity morning with lots of different activities related to our food and the season of Autumn.      

As part of their work about Celebrations Reception have been learning about the celebration of Diwali; the Hindu Festival of Light.  They have experienced some cultural aspects of Hinduism, for example they designed their own Mehndis, lanterns, rangoli patterns and Diva lamps. They also had a dance workshop with Miss Helen who taught them some dance moves and told them the story of Diwali. The children learnt all about Rama and Sita, Ravana the ten headed demon and Hanuman the Monkey King! Everyone enjoyed trying on and dancing in some traditional clothes. In class the children have looked at Diwali information books, read stories and watched videos.