RE Autumn term 2022


In RE this term, the children in Reception have been learning about the celebration of Diwali; the Hindu Festival of Light.

They have designed their own Mehndi’s, rangoli patterns and made Diva lamps from clay.

The children took part in a dance workshop with Miss Helen; she taught them some dance moves and some children helped to retell the story of Diwali. They learnt all about Rama and Sita, Ravana the ten headed demon and Hanuman the Monkey King! 

Year 1

In RE this term, the children have been exploring religion using their senses. They looked at important symbols, music and foods from the Christian, Jewish and Hindu faiths.

In Autumn 2 the children discussed important celebrations that bring our communities together. The children shared their own personal experiences such as decorating their house, spending time with loved ones and visiting special places. The children learnt about the celebrations of Christmas and Hanukkah.

They could confidently retell the Christmas story and we were amazed at the facts they could recall about Hanukkah at the end of the session.

The children created Christmas cards as a gift for their families and played with the dreidels as they would if they celebrated Hanukkah.

Year 2

This term, the children in Year 2 have been thinking about the symbol of light. They thought about why light is used, and why it is important to Christians, Jews and Hindus. The children looked at the Christingle, and learnt about the significance of each part. The children were able to look at different artefacts from the religions too.

The children used the outline of their hand and some decorations to create their own Menorah.

Also this term, the children have looked at the importance of the Nativity Story. They made their own stained glass windows, and created a stop animation to retell the Nativity Story.