RE in Autumn 2

Year 3

Following last half-term’s learning on Christianity, the children have been introduced to Hinduism and have enjoyed exploring how the religion compares to others. The children have learned where and when Hindus pray, and the many fascinating representations of the Hindu god Brahman. The children have then accurately compiled all of their learning to answer this half-term’s Big Question, ‘How do Hindus make sense of the world?’

Year 4

In Year 4, we have been working towards answering our big question “Where do religious beliefs come from?” The children have been focusing on Judaism and have enjoyed investigating different religious artefacts such as a Kippah and the Torah. They have been researching different Jewish festivals and why they are important. The children enjoyed discussing which Jewish festival they would like to take part in.

Year 5

In Year 5, we have been answering our big enquiry question “How do people express their faith through the arts?” We learnt about how religious messages are expressed through art and then produced their own religious icon. The children wrote a prayer to go with their religious icon. In addition to this, children listened to four music tracks from the Christian, Muslim and Jewish community. They were all able to evaluate the music and discussed how it made them feel and how it made them want to respond.

Year 6

This term year 6 combined our RE and history topics to answer the Big Question of “How does faith in God help people during times of suffering?” We learnt about the Jewish faith and how Jews suffered during the Holocaust in World War 2. We studied some passages from the Old Testament which promise God’s strength and presence during times of trouble. The children looked at the experiences of Anne Frank and Simon Winston during the war and how they each responded differently according to their faith in God.

In autumn 2 we have been learning about the Islamic faith in order to answer the Big Question of “What are the sources of authority for Muslims?”. We have been particularly thinking about the Qu’ran and teachings of the prophet Mohammed (PBUH). We learnt about how the Qu’ran should be treated and looked other sayings from the Hadith. The children thought about what they could mean and how Muslims can apply the teachings to their daily lives.