RE Spring Term 2023

Spring term:

Year 3:

In year 3 our big question for this term is’ How do people express commitment to a religion in different ways?’

We have been exploring lots of different religions and their ways of worship. We even had the opportunity to learn more about the Jewish religion when Marsha and Todd came to visit us from Norwich synagogue.

Here is some of the work we have produced this term –

Year 4:

In Year 4 our big question for this term is, ‘Is being happy the greatest purpose in life?’

We have had some fantastic discussions based on this philosophical question. We have even looked into how people from other religions faiths may answer this question.

After looking at all of possibilities we then discussed what we felt our own purpose in life was.

Year 5:

In Year 5 our big question this term is ‘What can we learn from the Great philosophers?’

We have been particularly discussing what is meant by the truth. We had some fantastic class discussions around telling the truth and whether it is ever okay to not tell the truth.

Year 6:

In Year 6 our big question this term has been centred on Creation and Science – conflicting or complementary?

We have been discussing the differing points of views of those who follow a religion and those who follow science.

The children have had some super discussions and where able to evidence reasons supporting both side of the argument.