RE Spring Term 2024


In Reception this term we have enjoyed reading ‘A Kind Stranger’, a bible story about the importance of showing kindness to those around us. We thought about why it is important to make good choices and be kind to others. The children discussed how we can be kind in school and linked this to our school’s Golden rules.

As it got closer to the Easter holidays we read another bible story called ‘The Happy Day’. This story taught us how Christian people believe that Jesus rose from his tomb after three days and how joyful his friends and disciples were. We learnt that this is why many people celebrate Easter and that our chocolate Easter eggs symbolise new life.

Year 1

This term in RE, Marsha and Todd visited the children and told them all about the celebration of Shabbat. They were able to link this celebration to when they learnt about the Jewish celebration of Hannukah in December. 

P:\Photos for Evidence\RE\2023-24\CM1\Shabbat\IMG_6621.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\RE\2023-24\CM1\Shabbat\IMG_6616.JPG

In the later part of the term, the children also learnt about the Christian celebration of Easter and learned the Easter Story. 

Year 2

This term the children have been learning about how we may belong to a faith family. The learnt about how christenings are important when belonging to a faith family. The children acted out, and made their own Christening scene.

The children have also learnt about Passover and how it is celebrated. Marsha and Todd visited the children to talk about the celebration of Passover.They thought about the celebrations they take part in, and the objects that are important to them. They then created their own Seder plate.

P:\Photos for Evidence\RE\2023-24\KA2\Spring 2\IMG_2679.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\RE\2023-24\KA2\Spring 2\IMG_2676.JPG