RE Summer Term 2019 – Infant

This term Year 2 have been reading stories about the Hindu religion, and asking questions about what people in other religions believe, while Year 1 have been learning about aspects of Christianity.

Year 1 have been learning about Christian marriage and exploring what happens at weddings in church, and at weddings in other cultures.  They talked about the people who play a special role, and the importance of the symbols and artefacts involved.  The children got involved with the preparations leading up to a Christian wedding and then engaged in role play for a ceremony of friendship on the big day.   They visited St Nicholas’ church in Dereham and three “couples” promised to be friends with Rev Sally Theakston officiating.

The congregation of children and adults took part in the ceremony, including prayers and a hymn before having photographs taken, and then attending a wedding reception back at School.  The “Brides and Grooms”   all signed a Certificate of Friendship in the church.

The children also had the opportunity to explore the church and look at the building and some of the Christian and historical artefacts kept there.  One child said “I have never been in a church before!  It was fun!  I liked looking at the big organ and the bell from the ship.”

Year 1 have also been learning about The Bible as a sacred text for Christians.  Staff from the learning team at Norwich Cathedral visited school for an outreach day and the children took part in different activities, including exploring various artefacts and discussing parables.  This helps them develop their understanding of the Christian teachings of Jesus in The New Testament.