RE Summer Term 2019 – Junior

Year 3

This term we have been learning about Islam and what Muslims believe and how they practise their faith, including prayers, mosques and looking at the importance of the Qur’an.

Year 4

Year 4 have been learning about Islam and the importance of the Hajj. They made power points to explain what they have learnt. We have attached one for you to read.

Year 5

This term, year 5 have been thinking about the “Kingdom of God”. We have been asking questions such as:

  • What kind of king was Jesus?
  • If Jesus was king, what would his kingdom be like?
  • What could we do to make our community a better place?
  • Should we always forgive people?
  • If Jesus looked at the work of the church and the state of the world, what would please him and what would disappoint him today?

We have discussed these issues thoroughly to get give ourselves a greater insight into a bigger debate, learning a lot from each other’s varied points of views.

Year 6

This term we have been learning about the Jewish faith. We learnt about Abraham, the founding father, basic beliefs and practises. In connection to our history topic of World War 2, we also learnt about the Holocaust and persecution of the Jews and how faith can help people in times of trouble.