RE Summer Term 2022


This term we have been looking at the continents of the world and learnt about many of the animals that live there. In RE we have listened to the story of ‘A special promise’ from the Bible and talked about how Noah was able to save the animals from a flood because God had instructed him to make a boat. We also linked this to our SAW activities and experimented with how much salt we needed to make something float, just like Noah’s boat did. 

Year 1

This term the children had been exploring how Christians belong to their faith family. The children were able to recall their prior learning in RE, and remembered some facts they already knew about Christianity, for example where they worship and what their holy book is called.

The children learnt all about Christian celebrations that take place in a Church, and sought to understand how these celebrations made them belong to their faith family. We looked at Baptisms, and some children spoke about their own, or their siblings baptisms’.

The children then learnt about weddings, and they even participated in their own wedding in the classroom, with a bride, groom, bridesmaids, page-boys and vicars! They really enjoyed this and making their own aisle in the classroom!

Year 2

This term, the children have recapped their previous RE learning by retrieving facts and ideas from their previous enquiry questions. They have also looked at a variety of religions as part of a philosophy focus, listening to videos from Ian Gardner and Marsha Parker about why people have different ideas of God. The children thought about morals, and if different scenarios were right or wrong, and thought about how they could be nice to each other in different ways. They ended their RE learning this year by drawing their own Rangoli patterns on the playground!