RE throughout Autumn…

Year 3

Our theological focus this half term has been the Christianity and the Creation story.  We have thought about what it teaches Christians and how it shapes their values.  We have also compared the Christian Creation story to the Jewish Creation story in our learning.

Year 4

This term in RE we have been answering our big question “What difference does being a Muslim make to daily life?”. The children have explored the concept of the 5 pillars of Islam and the Islamic festivals, Eid and Ramadan. 

We have learnt about the diversity within the religion and the children enjoyed watching videos about how different Islamic countries have a variety of traditions.

Year 5

During autumn 1, Year 5 have studied Humanism and their beliefs. They have carefully considered what a Humanist is. In addition to this, they have understood that Humanism believe in three main things: science, logic and reason. After, the children answered our ethical enquiry question of ‘Is life a journey and do Humanists believe it ever ends?’.

Year 6

This half term we have combined our RE with our history to look at the treatment of Jews during World War 2 and the Holocaust. Our question was: How can belief in God help people in times of trouble?

We started off by reminding ourselves of the main beliefs of Judaism and its history. We then learnt about the treatment of Jews by the Nazis and some of the words of comfort and encouragement that are found in the Old Testament of the Bible. After this we learnt about the attitude of Anne Frank and how her faith in God helped her to keep strong while she was in hiding. Finally, we wrote a response to our question, referring to our lessons, and added how we find strength when we are going through hard times.