SAW Project Summer 2 2021

The first week back after the final half term saw the children taking part in a special week of activities. These activities were part of a SAW project which incorporates Science, Art and Writing. The theme of the week was The Ocean. Each year group created artwork around this theme. Take a look at our Amazing Art Display to see what each year group got up to!

In Year 3, our writing focused on bioluminescent plankton and the beautiful glow it creates. The children wrote their own shape poems including various techniques such as alliteration, simile and metaphor to create some wonderful imagery. These poems were then added to our watercolour paintings of plankton blooms, creating our own sea of plankton.

In Year 4, we challenged the children to create a collage of the ocean using plastic. We began by thinking about all the diverse and interesting things that could be found in the sea by creating an ocean alphabet. The children were then shown images of sea creatures made out of plastic to give them some inspiration for their own artwork. In their sketchbooks, the children were given the opportunity to sketch some designs that could be included in their art. To create the background, some children used paint to create a wash while others used oil pastels to create a similar effect. The final part of the project was to use pieces of plastic to create the final collage. It is great to see such a wide variety of ocean scenes that contain a wide array of plants and animals.

Year 5 have been very busy! We’ve been making a year group mural to go down the Y4/5 corridor along the theme of ‘Layers of the Ocean.’ The children have researched and found out about the names of five Ocean layers and the plants and animals that live there. In pairs, they stuck five pieces of A4 paper together along the long side and measured out each layer, from sea level, to scale right down to the deepest part of the Ocean which is roughly 11,000m (the Mariana trench off of the coast of Japan). Using their pieces of paper and knowledge of what lives at each layer, the children then worked in pairs to draw, colour and paint on the animals and plants and added details like rocks, submarines and even things in the sky above the Ocean! Finally, we have stuck our artwork up along the corridor to create one giant mural.

Year 6 enjoyed creating some collages to depict the different layers of the ocean and produced some pictures of sea creatures in an aboriginal style.