Science Autumn 2017

Early scientific learning starts with exploring and expanding our knowledge about the world around us.


We have been learning about colours. We explored making new colours by colour mixing with our hands.

We looked at the book called “The Rainbow Fish”. We printed our own fish using celery for the scales.

We have enjoyed exploring our outdoor environment.


The Reception children have been exploring the world around them using different equipment such as magnets, binoculars, magnifying glasses and the digital microscopes.

They have been asking questions and testing their ideas as well.

They have also been working together, sharing ideas and solving problems.

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about Animal Life. They visited the Sealife Centre in Great Yarmouth to learn about sea creatures including starfish, rays and sharks. They learnt what these animals eat, where they live in the sea and how they survive.

They had a visit from Zootastic which included meeting and learning about lots of different animals, including a snake, a tarantula and two owls!


They have grouped animals, observed different animals closely and learnt about the parts of the human body and their senses.

They have also been carrying out experiments in the classroom. One experiment was to find out which material was the best to stop ice melting and another explored why penguins have oily feathers!

Year 2

Year 2 have been learning all about materials. They have looked at different types of material and thought about describing them using their properties.

They have also considered the materials used for building a castle and why these materials would have been used in Medieval times.

They used what they had learnt to build a throne for a Lord and a bridge for a castle.

They had to consider the best materials for the job. Then they tested and evaluated their bridges.