STEM 2021

Year 2

The children in year 2 were challenged to create their own Pizzeria that focuses on healthy eating. The children discussed the Eatwell Guide and looked at the different food groups and the amount that we need from each food group to stay healthy. The children then created a list of healthy toppings that they could use on their pizzas.

Next, to make sure that their pizzeria would be popular, the children conducted some market research to find out the most popular pizza toppings. They did this by voting on their tablets and creating class bar charts. They then used this research to design their pizzas.

After that, the children looked at logos and marketing. They discussed how effective different logos can be and that a catchy name helps people remember. Using their tablets, the children created digital logos to promote their pizzerias.

Finally, the children cooked, tasted and evaluated their pizzas.

Year 1

We had so much fun investigating hibernating animals in our STEM afternoon. We learnt lots of interesting facts about animals which hibernate for cold weather and we even enjoyed some games and quizzes with our learning partners.

We even led our own experiment on insulation to find out what materials would keep warm water the warmest. We insulated our cups using lots of different materials: cotton wool, card, tin foil, wool, and we even had a control cup with nothing on it! Some children and teachers in each class helped to record our results, and we showed this on a table of results.

We used our Maths skills to help us measure the temperature on thermometers before and after the cups were outside for 10 minutes.

Some children even started speaking about this at home! Harry from RP1 found a hedgehog, and fed it some cat food, before him and his family took it back to the sanctuary. Harry wondered “Why the hedgehog was not hibernating?”