Science Spring 2018


The children in Nursery have enjoyed exploring magnets and finding out what is magnetic and non-magnetic.

They have enjoyed testing their ideas such as which objects will float and sink.

The children have also enjoyed using the computers to find out the answers to their own scientific questions including “What do monkeys eat?”


As it has been so Wintery recently, the Reception children have enjoyed exploring the snow and ice!

They have also enjoyed using Scientific equipment to explore things around them, taking a closer look at what they can see and testing their ideas.

Some of the children also decided to make their own ladybirds after reading the story ‘What the Ladybird Heard.’ They talked about how many legs insects have and other body parts including antennae.

Year 1

Year 1 have been learning about materials and their properties. They went on a material hunt to find different objects around the school and recorded the object and what material it is made from.

They also discussed the properties of different materials and how we can describe what they are like. Then they tested the properties of different objects such as seeing if a sock was bendy, a piece of Lego was waterproof and if a window is transparent!

Year 2

Year 2 have also been exploring different materials around us. They have learnt about natural and man-made materials and have sorted these into groups.

They have also thought about the suitability of different materials for different purposes. They had a problem to solve as they had some sea creatures which were stranded on the beach and they had to create something to help them get back to the sea when water was poured onto it. They had to consider the best materials for the job by thinking about their properties.