Spring 1 Music 2022

During this term, the children in Reception have been learning about Chinese New Year and enjoyed their online lesson from Miss Helens in music and movement. The children experienced dancing with fans, listening to instruments they like to use in China and pretending to feed a Chinese dragon wanting to eat cabbages! 


The children have also enjoyed listening and dancing to sea shanties during Pirate week and ‘Heroes Unite’ during superhero week!

In Year 1 the children have enjoyed introducing Tempo and Dynamics into their lessons and celebrating a wide range of musical styles. They have enjoyed listening, singing, playing, composing and performing to a variety of music which has included Reggae and Funk. The children loved performing Funk music using the chime bars.


In Year 2 this half term the children have been focusing on the theme ‘How Does Music Make the World a Better Place?’ We learnt to sing and perform the songs ‘Rainbows’, ‘Hands, Feet, Heart’ and ‘All Around the World.’ The children also learnt how to play the notes for these songs on the chime bars, focusing on learning A minor. The children enjoyed finding out about a steady beat, and following rhythmic and melodic patterns. They enjoyed listening to a range of songs from different genres and we discussed our opinions about these songs.

At the end of Spring 1, the federation was involved with learning how to sing and perform (using British sign language BSL) “Reach for the stars” by S Club 7. The children took part to show awareness of sign language and how it is seen as a language in itself. They practised very hard for 3 weeks, please see the link below to watch their performance.