Spring 1 School Council Elections

Year 4 take our voting very seriously! To elect our new school council representatives we decided to give the children a real voting experience. The children put their names forward if they wanted to take on the responsibility of being a school council rep and we created ballot papers with their names on. 

In our classes, we discussed the importance of voting and what it would be like voting in local or national elections when they are older. We also talked about how their vote is secret and told them that they do not need to tell anyone how they voted. Then the children lined up to collect their ballot papers and took them to the “booths”. They very carefully put an x in the box next to the candidate they wanted to vote for and then took their ballot paper to post it into the ballot box. 

Once all the children had voted we explained how all of the votes would be counted and even briefly discussed different electoral systems such as first past the post and proportional representation! The children thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot from the experience!