Spring 2 Art

Year 3

This term, we have looked at the works by Georgia O’Keefe.  Year 3 has emulated them using the techniques of shading and toning.

We initially used sketching pencils, showing how we are able to use the different shading techniques to create colour and shape variation.

We completed our Georgia O’Keefe unit by sketching and then painting flowers in the style of the artist.

Year 4

This half term Year 4 have been trying their hand at digital art! We have been using an online photo editor called Pixlr to create book covers for our myths produced in our English lessons. The children practiced skills such as cropping, layering and adding text to images. They have loved applying these skills to produce their final designs! 

Year 5

This half term, Year 5 have focused on D.T rather than Art. The children will continue with developing their Art skills in the summer term.

Year 6

This term year 6 have been focussing on printing in our art lessons. In order to combine it with our science topic of adaptation, and evolution, we have been making leaf prints in clay, and using various printing techniques to print leaf patterns on paper.

The children have also produced some very detailed observational drawings of various types of feathers, and using their observational skills to create sketches and paintings of different species of birds.