Spring Term 2021 – Art at TJS


Year 3

This half term we have studied the author and artist Jeannie Baker and her unique collage representations of landscapes. We particularly focussed on her book, ‘The Window’ as we have spent so much time looking out of our windows at home and then the children created their own collage view ‘from their own window at home’. We discussed rural landscapes and cityscapes and how colour was affected by the change in these areas.

Year 4

While the majority of the school were working remotely, Year 4 children worked on a project to create an African sunset picture. The first task was to follow step-by-step instructions to sketch a range of African animals. Next, the children created an African sunset using a medium of their choice. On top of this sunset, the children painted or drew on to black paper the outline of animals they had learnt to sketch. The results were spectacular!

Once the children had returned to school, we began our second project of the Spring term which linked to studying Islam in R.E. After researching Islamic geometric patterns and Arabic writing, the children designed and made a print tile using card and string. Once dry, the children applied paint to their paint tile to create a whole page of prints. Take a look below!

Year 5

This half term we have introduced a new collage topic, which we linked to our history studies of the Mayans. We started by making a mood board after looking at various Mayan landscape scenes.


We thought about mood, emotions and textures represented in these scenes. Next, we made a sketch of the scene we wanted to create and added vocabulary to describe what we wanted our collage to look like. Then we carefully selected papers, card, fabric etc to complete our scenes which are now proudly on display in the corridor.

Year 6

The children in Year 6 have enjoyed sketching illustrations for their ‘Tyger’ poems. They have also successfully finished off their ‘Amazing Americas’ geography topic by looking at some American artists. We started by learning about Ansel Adams, considered one of the greatest American photographers. We looked at his black and white photos, including the Yosemite National Park in California and were inspired to create our own black and white collages using a range of landscape images.

Thunderstorm, Yosemite Valley by Ansel Adams

We have also studied a painting by Albert Bierstadt, a German Artist who moved to New York when he was 2 years old. Using the painting ‘Wind River Country’ (in the Rocky Mountains) we have considered form, process and mood.


The children developed their sketching skills to create perspective using lines and overlapping shapes to create their own Rocky Mountain sketches.