Summer 2019 STEM Day

KS2’s Summer STEM Day featuring marvellous Maths!!

For our summer term STEM Day, we focussed on M for maths and the children experienced lots of fun and interesting activities incorporating a variety of maths skills.

Time was the key idea for our Year 3 children. They thought about the different ways that time can be represented and built their own device (a sun dial) to measure time. As well as that, they also investigated time differences around our planet.

In Year 4, the children’s main focus was on food and in particular, how much sugar was “hidden” inside. They did lots of measuring and used bar models to think about ratio. They also used statistics to read and compare information presented in tables.

Our Year 5’s looked at a really wide range of maths skills form pattern seeking (looking at spirals), to measuring and estimating the sizes of very large organisms, and using their statistical knowledge to collect data about a woodlouse’s habitat preferences (do they like it dry and light or dark and damp?).

While in Year 6, they concentrated on problem solving. They used their skills with algebra to decode messages and thought about how these techniques had been used in the past for sending information. They also thought about risk and probability when dealing with money.

Across the Key Stage, the children experienced a fantastic range of maths and realised that, just like science, maths really is all around us in everything we do.