Year 1 – English Autumn 2

The children have been developing and embedding their sentence writing skills throughout this half term by writing both non-fiction and fiction texts.

They have watched videos to engage and stimulate some great ideas and encourage high-quality vocabulary discussions! One video was for ‘Lily and the Snowman’ and the other was a previous John Lewis advert for ‘Monty and the penguin’. The children loved watching the clip develop throughout the week and did some amazing writing of their own from this.

Each child made a clay sculpture, linked to their English work, of a snowman in their art lesson and then painted this. They wrote a story based on a similar plot to Lily and the Snowman’s but with their own snowman adventure. The children then placed this in a picture of their story setting to finish off their work.

P:\Photos for Evidence\English\22-23\Snowman scene\CC1\IMG_5531.JPG
P:\Photos for Evidence\English\22-23\Snowman scene\CC1\IMG_5546.JPG

To complete the half term’s learning the children understood how to write in a formal manner by writing a letter to another character. They wrote in the 3rd person as the penguin character to ask the boy for a friend. They then used this knowledge of writing a letter in the past tense to write a postcard to their penguin family.