Hustings 2021

Autumn Term is always a very important time of year for the Federation School Council.  In year 6 and year 2 the children were very busy taking part in the School Council hustings process. From year 6 a Chairperson, Treasurer and Secretary needed to be elected to run the School Council for the coming year, and year 2 took part in voting for a Vice Chairperson.

Candidates for the positions were put forward from each year group and during the week they were asked to make a speech to their classmates. All the children were given the chance to vote for their preferred candidate and discussed the importance of democracy, one of our British Values. Once the successful candidates had been announced each class from Year 1-6 voted for a School Council representative to join the meetings for the Autumn term.

“I think I should be in the class council because I listen to ideas, let everyone speak and have a turn. Everyone will have a fair say in everything. It will always be fair.”  Year 6

“I think that I should be class representive because I have many fantasic ideas to offer and I have all the children’s best interest at heart. My aim is to make school life fun and happy for everyone. I would listen to everyones ideas and make my own too.”  Year 6