Dodgeball Tournament at UEA

Thursday 8th February 2023

Ten children from Year 5 were lucky to be selected to take part in a Dodgeball tournament at the UEA. Ten schools from across Norfolk took part.

\\toftwood.local\data\staff profiles$\tjackson\Desktop\IMG_2071.JPG \\toftwood.local\data\staff profiles$\tjackson\Desktop\IMG_2094.JPG We are very proud of our team who are fairly new to this sport. They listened well to the coaches, who explained the rules clearly at the beginning and they learnt new tactics from watching other teams playing. Their sense of sportsmanship was commendable as they negotiated with each other, over who would play or be a sub for each match, ensuring everybody had a fair chance to play. They were encouraging and supportive of each other. Their behaviour and manners were excellent!

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Tyler proudly received a certificate, nominated to each team to celebrate honesty throughout the matches. All players worked hard for their certificate of participation with a well fought battle for 9th place.

Well done Toftwood Junior!