Girls’ Football 1.11.22

On Tuesday 1st November, a group of 16 girls from Year 4 and Year 6 attended a football competition. The girls had been part of a lunchtime club leading up to the event to practise their skills and competitive football.

On competition day, the 8 girls who were part of the Year 4 team played really well together and showed great team spirit and resilience. They may not have got the results they wanted on the pitch but played with a smile at all times.

The 8 girls from Year 6 also played really well and show great perseverance as they competed against some more experienced girls. They won one match in total and were very pleased with the goals that they scored. Again it being noted by other schools how they played with a smile and showed great sportsmanship regardless of the score line.

The Toftwood team absolutely loved the day, even with the persistent drizzle. They made Mr Barnard and Mr Barnes very proud with their outstanding behaviour and sportsmanship throughout the day as well as showing great determination and team spirit.

Well done ladies!

Year 4 Team

Year 6 team.