Indoor Athletics February 2024

\\toftwood.local\data\Staff Home$\swicks\My Pictures\Saved Pictures\Athletics\IMG_3045.JPG We were very excited to take part in the West Norwich and Dereham School Sport Partnership’s Indoor Athletics tournament. A number of students participated in a number of field and track events against other schools.

We had a very busy morning at one of the sports halls at UEA. All the children participated in 3-4 events. Toftwood displayed incredible team spirit by cheering on all the athletes and made the school very proud.

The children competed a variety of track events such as obstacle relays, lap replays and over and under relays. As well as this, they competed in field events such as chest push, standing long jump, five strides, vertical jump, soft javelin and speed bounce. It was a very busy morning but our Toftwood athletes put all their effort into every event.

We all had a fabulous day and the adults were tremendously proud of the way they embraced the challenges of a sports event. The children demonstrated a mature, positive and well-behaved approach and their enjoyment in participating was apparent to everyone.