KS1 and KS2 tag rugby event

On Thursday 13th October, year 6 enjoyed competing in a tag rugby event which was organised by the SSP and some sport leaders from Neatherd High School. The children showed incredible resilience as they competed against experienced teams. The Toftowood team were really pleased to score some try points by placing the ball over their opponents’ line. Mrs Rathi was most proud of how the children spoke to each other when competing and all of the children made incredible progress from the first match to the last.

On the same day, children from year 5 took part in a tag rugby festival. The children completed a carousel of activities which were planned by the pupils at Neatherd High School. The children really enjoyed playing chasing games where they had to take the tags that belonged to the opposite team. They all made good progress with their throwing and catching skills and loved working together as a team.

On Friday 14th October, some children from year 1 took part in a tag rugby festival. Children from Northgate High School planned lots of fun activities for the children to play. The year 1s practised their running, throwing and catching, teamwork and social skills. They were all very tired after the morning’s activities!