Quad Kids Event

On the 25th May 2023, Children from Toftwood were invited to a ‘Quad Kid Event’ at the University of East Anglia’s Sports Park, organised by West Norwich and Dereham School Sports Partnership. The theme of the event was ‘Compete’.

4 Teams (4 Yr3 Girls, 4 Yr3 Boys, 4 Yr5 Girls and 4 Yr5 Boys) were selected and they participated against 12 other schools in 4 athletics disciplines, with every child competing in each event in rotation. These consisted of (depending on age group) a 50m or 75m sprint, a 400m or 600m race (this seemed a really long way and I was so impressed with the determination of all the competitors to keep going, even when their legs were tired and their breathing heavy!), the standing long jump and the ‘vortex’ (an object shaped a bit like a rugby ball that howls as it flies through the air) throw.

Each of the children took part with enthusiasm and great determination and really supported one another – encouraging them and congratulating their effort. There were a great number of personal achievements and all can be proud of themselves, especially as the Yr3s were competing with some Yr4s and the Yr5s with some children in Yr6.

The children had a great time and will be presented with their certificates in the next celebration assembly. Sara (yr 3) and Noah (yr 5) were awarded with an extra certificate in acknowledgement of the way they exemplified the sporting characteristic of ‘self-belief’.