Spring 1 Indoor Athletics February 2023

We were very excited to take part in the West Norwich and Dereham School Sport Partnership’s Indoor Athletics tournament on Thursday 2nd February 2023. We went with a team of 18 Year 3 and 4s to try out our skills against other participating schools in the area. When we arrived at the Sportspark we were given a section of the hall to place our belongings and to cheer on our team throughout the day.

We had a morning of mixed track (obstacle, hurdle, over/under and lap relays) and field events (speed bounce, standing long jump, chest pass, vertical jump, five strides and javelin) in one of the Sports halls at the UEA. All the children took part in two track and two field events. It was very fast paced and great to hear the heartfelt cheering of the children for their team members.

At the end of the event, we were delighted to have come fourth in the competition and it was with great pleasure that one of the children was awarded a special certificate for displaying fantastic team skills.

Throughout the day, here was plenty of encouragement and enthusiastic support from the year 3 and 4 children. Mrs Traferri was very proud of the team spirit displayed by the Toftwood Federation children towards each other and the children from the other participating schools.