Spring 2 2023 KS1 Adapted Sports4All

On Wednesday 22nd March, 7 KS1 children took part in the Adapted Sports Day at Taverham High School. The children were able to participate in 7 activities throughout the day. First, the children had a go at bowling- they had to aim to be the closest to a ball and then had to bowl over some skittles.

The children then used a Frisbee, hockey stick and football to score goals in the next activity. There were also target throwing, curling and cricket activities. The children particularly enjoyed playing with the parachute as they got to run underneath if they answered ‘yes’ to questions like “Do you like ice cream?”.

The children ended the day by doing some races in which they had to move a beanbag from one cone to the other as fast as they could. Miss Degning, Mrs Hartley and Mrs Gibson were very impressed with the children’s self belief and confidence when completing each of the activities. Well done to all those who took part!