UKS2 Tag Rugby Festival

On Thursday 12th October, year 5 enjoyed competing in a tag rugby event. The festival was organised by the WNDSSP and some sport leaders from Langley School.
The children enjoyed a carousel of activities that introduced the skills required in this game: passing, tackling (grab the tag), running and then also practiced these skills in a hybrid game of tag rugby netball. After learning and practicing the skills required the children then took part in 4 practice games against other schools.

Mr Barnard was very proud of the effort put in and how the children built up their understanding of the game and tactics that could be used within the game scenarios. The children all represented the school well and always shook the hands of the opposition after the games (which was commended by adults from other schools).
Well done guys, you should be very proud of your effort
and determination shown throughout the day.