Year 4 & 6 Netball Trip – 20.4.23

On Thursday 20th April, a team of eight Year 4 girls and seven Year 6 girls entered the WNDSSP netball competition, exploring a new sport which they had never been taught before. The matches were made even more challenging by removing the positions of wing attack and wing defence, thus changing the rules. The girls adapted and excelled at the new game, swiftly rotating positions between each match so they all had opportunities to play centre, goal attack, goal defence, goal keeper, and goal shooter.

The event focused on the value of teamwork, with two pupils awarded special certificates for showing great team spirit. Miss Makins and Miss Griffiths were very impressed with the girls’ positivity, resilience and determination.

Year 6 team
Year 4 team

The teams were always polite and gracious as they congratulated the other schools and shook their hands following each match. The Year 4 and Year 6 teams represented their school well and should be very proud of themselves.