Mini Tennis Tournament – Summer 1 2019

On Tuesday, 30th April, 8 children from Year 4 took part in the West Norwich and Dereham School Sport Partnership Mini Tennis Tournament. The event was held at Easton College’s fantastic tennis centre with 8 local schools taking part. It was very exciting and a bit scary when we arrived to see so many players ready to take part in the competition.

We were split into two teams of four players and played LOTS of games. At the beginning, it felt a bit tricky but, the more we played, the more confident and successful we were. In the morning, each player had to take part in three different matches to score points for their team. Some games were easy but some were a real challenge and we all needed to show our resilience when things didn’t go as well as we wanted. Everyone tried their hardest for the team and we all won at least one of our matches – wow!

In the afternoon, we played another set of matches against different opponents and by this time we knew exactly what we needed to do were playing really well. We didn’t win the competition but did have a great time and our tennis really improved throughout the day – some of our players managed to win every one of their matches – amazing!

By the time we returned to school, we were all very tired but had a great experience representing our school. At this event, there the organisers were looking out for the games value of ‘RESPECT’ and all of our players were awarded with a special certificate because of the respect they showed to the match officials and other players throughout the day – well done to everyone.