Trigolf Competition – May 2019

On Friday 3rd May, a selection of children from the Infant and Junior School Federation attended a Tri-Golf competition at Taverham Primary.

The children took part in a carousel of activities related around the skills of golf. The activities required them to consider the power of their swing in order to hit a target and alter this depending on their club. The children competed against other Infant or Junior teams to score as many points as they could.

It was a great day and the children’s behaviour was exemplary. One child said that ‘it was an amazing day and he really wanted to go to a golf club out of school!’ As a federation, we showed the sports partnership values and Toby in KM3 and Daniel in Mrs Thompson’s class won the team “Passion” Value for the day. The Infant school team came second overall!

Well done to all of the children who attended this sports event.