Year 4 Mini Tennis May 2018

Despite some initial nerves, the children played some terrific tennis at the competition held at Easton College. All the children were fantastic and showed great sportsmanship regardless of whether they won or lost. Out of the 14 schools that participated in the competition, Toftwood Junior had two teams in the top seven. Amazingly, Toftwood Junior B came 7th and the A team were the overall winners, which means they qualify for the county school’s play offs to be held in June. Mrs Bowes-Mulligan and Miss Parsons were very impressed with the children’s behaviour and proud of the way in which they represented the school.

After the event, Mrs Bowes-Mulligan asked all the children their thoughts about the day. This is what they had to say:

“I had so much fun and was really shocked that we won,” Brayden, CH4.

“I had a great day since I put my skills to the test,” Maddison, AF4.

“We used our maths skills of being accurate. I also made a new friend,” Eva, RB4.

“I enjoyed the day as I won all my matches and fun playing tennis,” Sam, RB4.

“I had an amazing day as my team came 7th out of 14,” Oliver, AF4.

“I had a great day because I won all my matches and had lots of fun,” Toby, RB4.

“I thought it was a great day because everyone had fun,” Willow, AF4.

“I had an awesome day because we were the overall winners and have made it through to the county play offs,” Dani, AF4.