Year 5 and 6 Indoor Athletics Competition 19th November 2018

On Monday 19th November, 18 boys and girls from Year 5 and 6 attended an indoor athletics competition at the UEA. The 18 children had taken part in a lunchtime club leading up to the event to practise athletic skills.

When we arrived at the UEA we were shocked at how many children there were competing against us but this did not affect our performance and made us even more determined! Each school had a different colour bib to wear so that the sport leaders could tell us apart. We all sat behind our school’s sign and waited for instructions. We started with a warm up that got our heart rates racing! We had to jump over lots of hurdles, which really tested our co-ordination.

We then lined up for our events. The boys were called over for their track and field events whilst the girls competed in their events. Each child took part in two track and two field events. These included: obstacle relay, 1+1 lap relay, 2+2 lap relay, 6 lap paarlauf, over/under relay, 4×1 lap relay, chest push, standing long jump, standing triple jump, vertical jump, soft javelin and speed bounce. Overall, we came 6th out of 12 schools. Each child showed great determination and perseverance. It was great to see the support and encouragement they were giving each other. Miss Gilfillan and Mrs King were very proud of their behaviour, they set a great example. Well done Toftwood Junior School!