Year 5 and 6 Kwik Cricket competitions – Summer 2 2018

On the 12th and 14th of June, 8 Year 5-6 boys and 8 Year 5-6 girls took part in the West Norfolk and Dereham (School Sports Partnership) Kwik Cricket Competition.

On Tuesday morning, the boys played against Saint Augustine’s and Saint Peter’s. Each team won one game so Mr Mann had to calculate the score based on how runs were scored. Toftwood came 3rd with a very impressive total of 488 points!

In the second part of the afternoon, Toftwood played against Scarning and Thomas Bullock and won both games.

Throughout the day, Miss Parsons noticed a great improvement in the fielding ability of three of our boys.  Congratulations to all the boys who represented our federation and for coming 7th.

On Thursday, it was the girls turn to take part in the competition. In the morning, the girls played against Reepham, Saint Peter’s and Costessey B team.

As the day progressed, the fielding and bowling ability improved and some of the opposing team were caught out.

Toftwood had a rematch against Costessey B to decide who was to come 6th place. With an incredible amount of determination and skill, Toftwood won by catching their opponents out and scoring multiple ‘4s’.

“Our captain was really a good at supporting us as at team captain. Today was an amazing experience and I loved it! ”

”The day was exciting and fun.  The other teams were very supportive towards us. Although we came 6th, we all tried our best and worked hard as a team” ”It was really enjoyable to spend the day doing something we love.”

Congratulations to all of our girls for amazing effort and superb sportsmanship.