Year 6 Football Tournament – February 2020

On Friday 7th February, a team of eight year 6 boys headed off to the ‘The Nest’ in Norwich to participate in a football tournament, along with other schools in the area. ‘The Nest’ is the fantastic new Norwich City training facility, supporting football in the community.

Mr Barnes had been assisting the year 6 team in preparing themselves and talking tactics for several weeks in the run up to the tournament. Toftwood began their first game against Dussindale Primary School. Games were played for ten minutes and despite a solid performance the first one ended 0-0. The team faced Firside in the second game and thanks to some outstanding goalkeeping from Benjamin, Toftwood kept themselves in the game, which also saw some chances of goals cleared off the line. This game also ended 0-0. Firside went on to the quarter finals so this was a great result.

Due to a controversial goal Toftwood lost their 3rd game 1-0; pushing for the goal they got caught out and conceded late on. The team headed into the 4th game determined to prove themselves, which they did. The fourth game ended in a 1-0 victory for Toftwood, when a cross from Ellis was converted into a goal by Braydon. Having been denied some earlier goals by great goalkeeping, Braydon was happy to have scored the winning goal.

The whole team produced some solid performances and despite being disappointed to miss out on the quarters, they congratulated each other on their individual and team performances. After each match the team discussed what went well and what didn’t and then looked ahead to the next game with determination and lots of passion.
The facilities at the nest were fantastic and the children enjoyed everything the day had to offer, even coming away with a programme each from Norwich City’s last game against Newcastle.