Pupil Voice

I like to do experiments to see how things react and find out how things work. Jacy  – Year 4

I liked learning about shadows and rays. I know that light is multi-coloured and you can only see it in one colour. I also liked the electricity topic –the crocodile clips. I like to know how stuff works. Will  – Year 6 

I like all of the equipment we use and the way we use it. Jess – Year 6

I really like when we measure things and I’m fast at doing it. The experiments are good. Levi – Year 3

I like when we do experiments to see if light can go through things. You can’t see through opaque things. If you can see through it, it is transparent. Millie – Year 3

You learn your patience because we have to wait and take turns when we are making a solution or mixture. Anola – Year 5

I have enjoyed how instead of just telling us what to do, there is a back story to our experiments; it makes it more fun and interesting. Ryan – Year 6

I like that we get to do certain projects so when we did electrics we were building up to do an alarm system to stop Burglar Bill from getting in the house. Jack  – Year 6