Book Week, February 2017

We are dedicated to promoting reading and reading for pleasure and we make this a focus of our provision and teaching throughout the year, but in Book Week we organise even more special activities, extra events and exciting visitors to inspire our chidlren.

Our theme for Book Week this year was ‘Lost in Space’ and it was a huge success.  The children enjoyed lots of cross-curricular activities linked to space.

The author James Campbell worked with reception, year one and year two children. James entertained children by telling stories and poems, which included a poem about a wobbling wallaby.  The children had lots of fun joining in with the words, actions and sound effects to the stories and poems. James answered questions and encouraged the children to write their own stories.

Our Nursery class was also entertained by story telling with the author Brian Ogden. The children enjoyed listening and joining in with stories from his book called “Aunt Emily’s African Animals”, including a story about James the elephant, who couldn’t read.

The EYFS children took part in space themed singing and signing sessions led by Maria from Tiny Talk. The children were introduced to some space signs,  and used them in space related songs, including ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ and ‘Three Little Men in a Flying Saucer’. The children had great fun on their space adventures, played space related parachute games and pretended to be comets.

We also held another very successful Bedtime Stories evening event for our families.  Approximately 300 children and families came back to school in their pyjamas, carrying teddies and with their pillows to share stories.  All families enjoyed the books and the chance to tuck into milk and biscuits as a bedtime snack!  The session ended with teachers reading to large groups of children throughout the school.


On Friday, we got to dress up as our favourite character or object from a space related book. We had a special prize giving assembly. Here are the winners of the dressing up competition with our special guest judge, Mrs Bell.

We also had a half price book fair and lots of children enjoyed choosing new books to read at home. We earned around £400 worth of books this year and we have bought new books for the library and the class reading boxes.