Dick Whittington Final

Spring 1 2017

Enjoyed the pantomime?  “Oh yes they did!”

On Wednesday 18th January the children were treated to a production of Dick Whittington performed by M & M Productions in the school hall.  There was plenty of singing, clapping, cheering, and chanting “behind you!” and “oh no you don’t!” in the performance as the four actor cast told the story of brave Dick and Tommy the cat triumphing over the dastardly Captain Hookseye, and making their fortune in London.

The children enjoyed the story and were enthralled by the characters.  This was a good opportunity for the children to share a theatre experience with their friends, and develop their understanding of traditional stories.   Many children were keen to say that it was based on a true story that happened long ago.  It was great to see everyone taking part enthusiastically and having fun, and even the more reserved children were seen to be joining in and cheering!